Lillian Kiwanuka Interior Designer/ Project Manage

Lillian is an interior design project manager and is proficient in the areas of design,
sustainability and project management.
She brings a diverse background to the team with degrees in business, accounting and
interior design and over 20 years of experience in the corporate and design arena.
She excels in client and team relationships, strategic planning and execution, global
procurement, vendor management, and project implementation.
Lillian is passionate about design and furthering the education of design in Africa. She
initiated the Interior Design Association Uganda (IDAU) and is a constant source of
learning and sharing new trends with other designers in the industry.
Her design experience includes commercial, hospitality and residential design projects. 

Next Media
Nakasero Hospital
Ssanga Courts
Infinity Courts
Ankole Resort

Designing Staffs

Our design team is a fusion of talent, creativity, and expertise. Each member brings a unique perspective, collectively weaving innovation and precision into every project.

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Our history is rooted in a legacy of design excellence. With years of experience shaping spaces and crafting experiences, we've honed our expertise, embracing the past while innovating for the future.

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we understand the economic impact of design. Our approach combines creative vision with strategic thinking to deliver designs that not only enrich spaces but also add tangible value.